I sort of hate this post, so check back for an update soon.

It’s true, we’re starting a blog, and we’re starting with a question.

You might be asking the same question we are, “Why a blog?” Or, let’s back up a step and ask, “Why would any company have a blog?”

For us, the answer is easy: because the conversations we have with other businesspeople are among the best parts of our work, we may as well open that up to a bigger audience and carry those conversations into the online world.

Here are the reasons many people start a blog, even though those reasons aren’t good enough for us:

  • We’re not blogging for dollars–there won’t be any ads displaying.
  • We don’t care if our content goes viral–though feel free to share it if you like it.  🙂
  • We’re not trying to “position ourselves”–we prefer to let our actions do the talking.

So, what’s left? Like a good marketer, we could say, “It’s all about you.” And really, that’s half true. In the end, it’s about relationships and people helping each other, talking about interests and solving problems. That’s what we do with our clients, and that’s what we hope to do here too. We hope you will join us.

With that in mind, what should we talk about? Business tips, consulting case studies, strategy, SEO, email marketing,  conversion optimizing?

Let us know what’s on your mind…

“If you’ve got an opinion, you belong in the conversation.”

We want to hear from you. Don’t be shy in the comments section.