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How to value website traffic


I get a lot of questions from clients and readers about how to value web traffic. This is important for content publishers (valuing and selling ad space) and internet marketers (especially search engine marketers looking to set a maximum bid). I was recently asked these two questions, from different sides of the coin:

“I want to sell ads privately on my blog, how much should I charge?”

“I want to buy traffic to my website, how much should I pay per click?”

The answer to both questions, is the same answer I give to almost all questions about Internet Marketing:

“It depends”.

Of course, if you’re a publisher, you want to charge as much as possible for ad space; while advertisers want to pay as little as possible for their traffic.

The online advertising marketplace is extremely dynamic, with countless variables at work determining the value of each click. Some of these variables are objective and measurable, while others are more subjective. Continue Reading →

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