This is another one of those questions I get asked all the time.

“Where can I find the best themes for WordPress?” I’m glad you asked…

There are a lot of great reasons to use WordPress as a content management system for blogs and small-business websites. It’s a powerful platform that can scale to work brilliantly with small and simple sites, or big and complex sites. Another great thing about building on WordPress is plugging into a huge community of developers and users who have built great themes and plugins you can use to make your site look and work just the way you like.

These are our go-to resources for great WordPress themes. Most of them are Premium Theme sites, which means you’ll pay a little bit up front (but almost always save money overall). We strongly prefer the back-end options and support that come with these paid themes, and the cost is quickly recovered because making changes to the design and architecture of a site are far simpler than with most free themes. It’s the difference between buying a gorgeous pre-fab home versus building the same home from scratch–better to pay early and pay less. All of these resources have earned a reputation for quality and value.

Here’s the list:


StudioPress makes some of the best WordPress themes around, especially for business websites. We’ve built two of our own websites using themes from StudioPress, and we have been extremely happy with both the design and the support we’ve received. There are lots of goodies on the administrative side that make customizing a breeze. Prices for individual themes are about $80, with their special themes for real estate agents starting at $99.95.

The best deal (ever), if you’re going to be setting up multiple sites is the All-Theme Package which gives you all 20 of their current themes, plus all future themes for $349.95. If you’re a developer, you can buy this once and use it on as many sites as you want. See more at


ThemeForest is an online marketplace for premium WordPress themes. This is a great place to go when a client wants a site “that doesn’t look like a blog”. That means they have a clean and custom look to them, many with lots of bells and whistles like multiple color palates. Some are specifically designed for e-commerce. Most of these themes are developed by individuals and priced around $30. No kidding! We recently set up a gorgeous site using a theme from ThemeForest, and the client liked the theme so much, our customization time was less than an hour. Talk about getting good value for money. See more at


Nick Roach from ElegantThemes has been making extremely high-quality and good-looking WordPress themes for years. They’re a dream to work with, and to look at. They release new themes often, and two of the latest to come out are stunning. I can’t wait to try the Minimal theme or the Polished theme. This is what it’s all about, ElegantThemes make you look good. You sign up as a member for $39 per year and get access to all the themes. It’s a pretty amazing deal, considering all you get. Sign up at


What can I say about Thesis? If you’re serious about blogging and internet marketing, and you like to have your hands on the wheel, and you like the idea of controlling the design of your site without messing with a bunch of code, take a look at Thesis. Watch the video on to see some of what Thesis can do, and how easy it is to use. Great SEO options, support, and pricing. It’s $87 for one site, or $164 for unlimited use on sites you own. You also get 30 days to try it, risk free. How cool is that?

WordPress Free Themes Directory

WordPressMore than a thousand free themes for WordPress. Some of these are great, others are not so great. We’ve built plenty of sites using free themes; and a few free themes are as good as a premium theme (a few out of a thousand). Be sure to check out the tag-filter to help sort through the list. We tend to like features like theme-options, custom-header, and custom-colors–as much because they’re handy as they show some sophistication of the developer. Watch out for themes with spammy links in the footers. We’ve been seeing more of that lately, and sometimes they’re a pain to remove, so just be sure to take a close look.

Know of a great resource we missed? Let us know in the comments.